Learn The Fly Fishing Basics and How to Fly Fish!

Wading Basics and Tips

Wading Basics - Fly Fishing

We all love to be out on the river catching fish. That’s a part of the lure of fly fishing is being out wading through our favorite streams in search of the illusive trout (or other species). One of the key ingredients here is being able to access the areas of a river or stream to effectively cover the water and just plain get to the locations where these fish are. How do you do that? Wading. That doesn’t come without the need for a little knowledge in wading basics and tips on how to be safe on the water. Let me share a few wading basics and tips to help you get out and get back home. [Continue reading]

Fly Fishing Pocket Water – 3 Places to Fish

Fly Fishing Pocket Water - Fly Fishing Tips

Summer is in full swing in my part of the world, and with that typically comes low flows in my local streams and rivers. Many of those streams have a substantial amount of boulders and rocky sections in them. What does all of this mean? Pocket water. … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Summertime Stream Flies

Top 5 Summertime Stream Flies

Summertime is here and the fly fishing season is well underway. What better way to enjoy the warm weather then to get out on a crystal clear stream on a hot day and cast a few flies to some hungry trout. But what flies should you start with? What … [Continue reading]

High Water Fly Fishing Tips

High Water Fly Fishing - The Fly Fishing Basics

Imagine this. It's Springtime in your area. The birds are singing, the trees are getting greener each day, and the flowers are blooming. Adding to this, the weather is getting to be that oh so nice temperature. Things are great so you pack up your … [Continue reading]

Nymphing Techniques – European or Strike Indicator

Nymphing Technique - Wffc Martin Drož - Fly Fishing Basics

I've briefly mentioned European nymphing and the conventional strike indicator type of nymphing in past articles (Three Main Types of Flies to Fly Fish for Trout). While that's all good to mention those it doesn't give you much of an idea as to just … [Continue reading]