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How To Cast Sink-Tip Fly Lines

How to cast sink-tip fly lines

Here’s a fly fishing quick tip for you on how to cast sink-tip fly lines from the Orvis blog. This fly casting tip is brought to you by Ben Sittig a.k.a. Huge Fly Fisherman on YouTube. Check out his channel for more tips as well.

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Best Fly Fishing Knots to Learn

Best Fly Fishing Knots to Know

Knowing how to tie some knots is a useful bit of knowledge to have in general. Why not increase your fly fishing knowledge with the best fly fishing knots to learn? Add these to your arsenal and you'll be ready for almost any fly fishing situation … [Continue reading]

Fly Fishing Gift Guide 2021

Fly Fishing Gift Guide 2021

It's been a while since the last post, but I figured why not jump back into things with an updated Fly Fishing Gift Guide 2021 style. We all know things have been rough the last almost two years and giving a gift to someone (maybe even yourself) that … [Continue reading]

The Two Fly Setup

Dropper Attached to Bend of Hook Showing Two Flies - Two Fly Setup

Post Updated August 14, 2020 Originally published June 21, 2013 Fly fishing involves many different techniques that can be used to catch that spooky little trout in your local waters.  From the basic dry, nymph, or streamer fishing techniques to … [Continue reading]

Fly Casting Lesson – Basic Fly Cast

Learn how to fly fish with the basic fly cast

While we're all stuck at home these days, and even in times when we aren't, there are a few ways to practice your fly fishing without traveling to a destination. Learning and improving your basic fly cast is one of those ways. … [Continue reading]