Learn The Fly Fishing Basics and How to Fly Fish!

Tips on Building a Tapered Leader

Building a Tapered Leader - Fly Fishing Basics

Many of you have read through my previous article on fly fishing leader and tippet. While that article was designed to give you a high-level view of fly fishing leader and tippet, and enough information to not be completely in the dark, it left part of the process out. That part is building a tapered leader yourself. [Continue reading]

7 Tips for Fly Fishing from a Kayak

Fly Fishing From A Kayak

Guest Post By Patrick Morrow Conventional anglers have utilized kayaks as stealthy fishing vessels for decades. Fly anglers, however, have been slower to climb on the kayak fishing bandwagon. But given all the advantages of fly fishing from a … [Continue reading]

5 Of The Best Fly Fishing Destinations In The United States

5 Of The Best Fly Fishing Destinations In The United States

Guest Post By Tom Sheppard In the chaotic modern world that never seems to rest, it becomes essential for us to retire to our humble origins in nature from time to time to rest and rejuvenate our very souls. … [Continue reading]

Taking Up Fly Fishing – 5 Basic Tips for Fly Fishing Beginners

Fly Fishing for Beginners

Guest Post By Carl Richardsson We're ecstatic that you're starting your journey into the world of fly fishing. It's the type of sport that can become a lot of things in your life. A simple hobby, an addiction, or a life long pursuit. It can be … [Continue reading]

Choosing the Correct Fly Size

Choosing the Correct Fly Size - An Anglers Open Fly Box with Flies

One question that I often get asked is how you go about choosing the correct fly size. It's a great question that's not the easiest to answer. The short answer is that it depends. The long answer is that what it depends on are a multitude of … [Continue reading]