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Disclosure for The Fly Fishing Basics.com

There will be times when I add links, talk about products and recommend something in the articles on this site.  The products I link to basically pay for my hosting fees, and if I’m truly lucky I’ll even have enough money at the end of the month to buy a burger.  The purpose of this blog is to openly teach and share the information I have learned throughout the years.  My intention is to be as truthful as possible in my postings, however my personal opinion and biases will find their way into my posts as well.

If you see me talking about “how much I love <fill in the blank product>”, then I truly do.  I will honestly and openly tell you when posting if I got the product or service for free.

If I’m linking to Amazon.com then there is a 100% chance that I included my affiliate code in the link.  I get a tiny cut if you buy it, or anything else after clicking on the link.  However, the product would cost you exactly the same if you were to buy it without getting there from my link (something for your consideration).

I wish to be as open and transparent in the dealings with this site as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message using the contact form on this site.

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