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I’ve partnered with The Catch and The Hatch Fly Shop out of Colorado to bring you the fly fishing entomology course that will help you catch more fish…simple as that. If you’re just starting out, or even if you’re a seasoned fly angler, learning entomology can help you improve your fly fishing leaps and bounds.
One of the hurdles to overcome as a new, or advanced, fly angler is that of matching the hatch or simply knowing what type of fly to tie onto the end of your line. This course will help you with that. Learn how to identify the different types of insects you’ll encounter on the water and put that knowledge to use by selecting the perfect fly pattern when nothing else is working.

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The Premier Bug Course for Anglers

The most practical & extensive entomology course for anglers available today.

  • Identify any insect & match the bug to your fly & catch more fish.
  • Receive a free bug seine to capture insects
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  • 8 Lessons – Covering the top 12 insects to catch more fish
  • 30 Minutes of Videos – Showing how to identify insects anywhere
  • Forever Access – Never lose access to the course once purchased
  • Personal Mentorship – Get direct access to the author to get any fly fishing question answered, anytime

Over 10,000 Students Have Purchased The Course

Online Multi-Media Course, No Download Needed.
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Fly Fishing Entomology Course

Learn how to identify any insect in a river or lake, and match it to a fly in your box to catch more fish.

  • 8-Part fly fishing entomology (bug identification) course covering all 12 orders of insects the angler should know
  • Get forever access to the resources and the author to continue your education.
  • Includes free bug seine for catching insects ($25 Value)
  • Includes three exclusive 50% off discounts to our entire site
  • Includes video, photos, copy and diagrams to fully immerse yourself in the knowledge.
  • Includes beginner, intermediate and advanced topics for all skill levels
  • Teaches you how to identify any insect & match the bug to your fly
  • Provides detailed explanations of orders, stages, behaviors and presentation tips on all insects
  • Detailed insect diagrams & stunning photographs

This 8-part course provides a comprehensive resource based on decades of experience and research to deliver practical knowledge that helps you identify insects in rivers and lakes, select the right fly, and catch more fish on the fly. Author, Allen Gardner, Owner of The Catch & The Hatch and avid angler, provides an online multi-media course that includes over 30 minutes of video, 40 pages of content and stunning, high-def underwater photos of the insects including detailed diagrams of insect life cycles to help you become an expert at fly fishing and fly selection.

Want to know why you still need a fly fishing guide to catch fish?  Because the guides know something you don’t.  They know how to identify insects in their rivers and lakes, and match them correctly to the flies in their box.  That knowledge is the difference between a 50 fish day and walking home dumbfounded saying, “Well a good day of fishing is better than a day of work.”  You wanna know what’s even better than a day of fishing?  A 50 fish day of fishing…

Our fly fishing entomology course has been created to help you identify any insect in a river by it’s order, then select an appropriate pattern in  your fly box and ultimately catch more fish.  The ability to select the right fly is essential to your level of success on the water and makes the difference between a novice angler, and a savvy, guide-level angler.

Written and created by Allen Gardner, Owner of the Catch and The Hatch and avid angler, he has studied entomology and how to apply it to fly fishing.  He takes a practical approach.  As he puts it,  “All the other classes I went to were Hexagenia Limbata this and Pteronarcys that.  I walked away felt like I just had a foreign language class, not a class on how to catch more fish with fly fishing entomology.  When I realized no one had made a course this useful and simple online, I knew I had to do it.”

With over 10,000 students put through this course from over 7 countries, this fly fishing entomology course is helping anglers everywhere catch more fish wherever they throw a fly. Purchase your fly fishing entomology course and get this amazing resource, with additional products and exclusive discounts today.

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