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Fly Fishing Leader and Tippet: What, Why and How

Fly Fishing Leader and Tippet - The Fly Fishing Basics

Post Updated January 13, 2020 One of the many items you probably have seen while browsing online or local fly shops is a great wall of leader and tippet material.  There's a lot of it out there.  Just what is a leader and how does tippet … [Continue reading]

I Need Your Help

Learn to Fly Fish - Fly Fishing Basics - Priority One Fishing - Podcast

Something exciting is in the works and I'm reaching out to my great audience to solicit some help. … [Continue reading]

How to Tie a Uni Knot for Fly Fishing

How to tie a uni knot for fly fishing - fly fishing knots

Adding to the list of fly fishing knots that are handy to know how to tie is the Uni Knot. This one is a great knot that has superb knot strength and is relatively easy to tie. … [Continue reading]

10 Tips to be a Better Fly Fisher

10 Tips to be a Better Fly Fisher - The Fly Fishing Basics

One of the best parts of learning how to fly fish is that you can never stop learning and becoming a better fly fisherman. There's always something new to figure out and something out there to help you become a better angler. It may be something to … [Continue reading]

Video Tip: Two Fly Fishing Knots To Know To Get Started

Fly Fishing Knots To Get Started-The Fly Fishing Basics

Fly fishing knots are a common question that come up. Which knot should I use? Which knot is the best? Is this one better than that one? How do you know what one you should learn to tie and even then how do you keep track of all of the knots out … [Continue reading]