Learn The Fly Fishing Basics and How to Fly Fish!

10 Tips to be a Better Fly Fisher

10 Tips to be a Better Fly Fisher - The Fly Fishing Basics

One of the best parts of learning how to fly fish is that you can never stop learning and becoming a better fly fisherman. There's always something new to figure out and something out there to help you become a better angler. It may be something to … [Continue reading]

Video Tip: Two Fly Fishing Knots To Know To Get Started

Fly Fishing Knots To Get Started-The Fly Fishing Basics

Fly fishing knots are a common question that come up. Which knot should I use? Which knot is the best? Is this one better than that one? How do you know what one you should learn to tie and even then how do you keep track of all of the knots out … [Continue reading]

Epic Fly Fishing Destinations – Jurassic Lake

Sometimes during your day you need a little break. What better way to spend that break than watching a video from one of many epic fly fishing destinations around the world! … [Continue reading]

How to Catch Trout in Winter

How to Catch Trout in Winter - Fly Fishing Basics-2

Fly fishing in Winter can be a daunting thing to think about. Snow. Frigid temps. Freezing water. It all adds up to what might seem like time that is better spent indoors next to a warm fire. Don't be too quick to judge these cold Winter days of fly … [Continue reading]

8 Fly Tying Tips to Start Tying Today Plus Bonus Challenge

Fly Tying Tips - Project Healing Waters

Guest Post By Dave Stewart Are you fairly new to fly fishing and heard a little about fly tying? Maybe you thought it was a little too difficult, expensive, or took too much time to get started? I’m hear to clarify a few things for you today and let … [Continue reading]