Learn The Fly Fishing Basics and How to Fly Fish!

8 Fly Tying Tips to Start Tying Today Plus Bonus Challenge

Fly Tying Tips - Project Healing Waters

Guest Post By Dave Stewart Are you fairly new to fly fishing and heard a little about fly tying? Maybe you thought it was a little too difficult, expensive, or took too much time to get started? I’m hear to clarify a few things for you today and let … [Continue reading]

Fly Fishing Quick Tip: Easy Way to String Fly Line

Fly Fishing Quick Tip - String Fly Line-The Fly Fishing Basics

Have you ever struggled to string fly line through the guides of your fly rod when getting ready to head out on the water for the day? I know I have. Today I have a tip that will help you out more than you would have thought. … [Continue reading]

Tips on Building a Tapered Leader

Building a Tapered Leader - Fly Fishing Basics

Many of you have read through my previous article on fly fishing leader and tippet. While that article was designed to give you a high-level view of fly fishing leader and tippet, and enough information to not be completely in the dark, it left part … [Continue reading]

7 Tips for Fly Fishing from a Kayak

Fly Fishing From A Kayak

Guest Post By Patrick Morrow Conventional anglers have utilized kayaks as stealthy fishing vessels for decades. Fly anglers, however, have been slower to climb on the kayak fishing bandwagon. But given all the advantages of fly fishing from a … [Continue reading]

5 Of The Best Fly Fishing Destinations In The United States

5 Of The Best Fly Fishing Destinations In The United States

Post Updated October 8, 2019 Guest Post By Tom Sheppard In the chaotic modern world that never seems to rest, it becomes essential for us to retire to our humble origins in nature from time to time to rest and rejuvenate our very souls. … [Continue reading]