Learn The Fly Fishing Basics and How to Fly Fish!

Streamer Fishing Tactics

With the Fall season well into its own, an exciting time is upon us in the fly fishing world…streamer fishing.  Many anglers look forward to this time of year.  It’s a time when fish, especially the larger ones of our lakes and rivers, begin to ramp up their eating before the cold times of Winter.  Also, for the brown trout, it’s a time when the spawn happens, which leads to some very aggressive fish.  One of the best ways to target this actively-feeding fish is with streamers. [Read more…]

Winter Fly Fishing Tips: What Flies To Use

Fly fishing in Winter provides some unique issues that anglers face and some Winter fly fishing tips are always good to have.  Aside from the typical cold and wet weather, fish tend to decrease their activity during these cold winter months.  That’s not to say that they stop eating though.  Fish, speaking of trout here, love a water temperature that hovers in the 50-55 degree mark.   Winter water temps tend to drop below that a lot of the time.  What that does is simply slow down a fish and they try to not exhaust too much energy in the search of food.  So we anglers need to adjust our tactics and flies to compensate. [Read more…]

The Three Main Types of Flies to Fly Fish for Trout – Fly Fishing Basics

You probably can’t do much fly fishing without the fly.  But which one do you choose?   When learning how to fly fish, that question is one of the tough ones, but to help you determine just what to tie on the end of your line, we’ll discuss the three main fly types for trout:  the dry fly, nymphs, and streamers.  Fly fishing for trout includes vast varieties of flies available for you to try and catch that elusive fish, having a solid understanding of each different type and when they are used can mean the difference between catching the most fish of your life or heading home skunked. [Read more…]

Essential Equipment to Get Started Fly Fishing – Fly Fishing Basics

When starting out on the path to learning how to fly fish, you can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of equipment it seems is necessary in order to get started fly fishing. I’d like to go over the essential items that can get you out and on the water in no time and leave all of the extra accessories that just plain aren’t necessary at home.

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