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Fly to Leader Knots to Know

I just can’t get enough of these great videos produced by RIO Products. This latest video I’m sure is going to be super helpful to many of you out there. Fly fishing knots, and specifically the fly to leader knots are one aspect of fly fishing that many people are always looking to learn more about. And you can’t beat having multiple knots in your arsenal to be able to put to good use.

Fly to Leader Knots

There are far too many knots out there for attaching flies to leaders. Standard knots, loop knots, super-strong-never-break-best-knot-ever knots…they all have a place. However, sometimes you just need to have a few that you know better than others to get you into fish and landing them without worry of your knots breaking.

Fly to Leader Knots by RIO Products- The Fly Fishing Basics

That’s where this video comes in. You need to know a few fly to leader knots to get you started and this video shows you just those few with clear and easy to follow instructions on how to tie them.

Go grab you some practice line or string or whatever works best for you and try some of these out. More practice will save you loads of time on the water. If you’re looking for some new tippet material, check out this assortment from RIO and see if they have what you need.

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