Learn The Fly Fishing Basics and How to Fly Fish!

Clinch Knot

A universally used knot for attaching a hook, lure, swivel, or fly to your leader/tippet. A slight variation is known as the Improved Clinch Knot, which is even stronger for the same uses.

Click Drag

Also known as Click & Pawl. It is a mechanical system on a fly reel used to slow down or resist the pulling efforts of a fish. It is a type of drag system using a click mechanism to create friction instead of a disc using a high-friction surface to create the drag.

Caudal Fin

Caudal is an anatomical term meaning “the back”. The caudal fin is the tail fin or tail of a fish.


A scientific name for the members of the Diptera family of insects commonly known as midges. In the pupae stage they typically appear as small aquatic worms. It is considered one of the most important insects in a trout’s diet.

Catch and Release

The practice in fishing intended as a technique of conservation in order to conserve fish populations by unhooking and returning a caught fish to the water alive. Fish are fought as quickly as possible to prevent injury or death and handled with wet hands to prevent damage to the fish. Proper care should be taken to make sure the fish can swim off under its own power.