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How to Choose a Fly Line for Trout

RIO Products continues to put out some great videos. This particular video is going to be a huge help to anyone that gets confused by all the different fly lines on the market today. Weight forward, double-taper, sinking, floating…there’s a lot to take in when deciding which fly line you should be using. Learning how to choose a fly line for trout is one of the fly fishing basics that everyone should know and this video is sure to help.

How to Choose a Fly Line for Trout

Previously, I have discussed the differences in fly lines. You may recall the different types, how they look and what they do. While that article may have helped you learn how to choose a fly line for trout, having more information from a very reputable resource is always a good thing. RIO Products produces some amazing fly lines that you can’t go wrong with.

Rio Products explains when you’d want to use the different types of fly lines and helps you determine the situations in which you might need a different type of fly line. Learning how to choose a fly line for trout isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but you fly line is one of the most important parts in your fly fishing gear bag. Just think, what would you do without it?

How to choose a fly line for trout

While this particular video may be a bit biased towards the brand of fly line recommended, the concepts explained about each fly line can be applied to many different brands of fly line out there. This information can help you know just how to choose a fly line for trout for your next outing on the water. If you’re in the market for a new fly line, or an addition to what you have, be sure to check out some of the lines from RIO here:  RIO Fly Lines 

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