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I Need Your Help

Something exciting is in the works and I’m reaching out to my great audience to solicit some help.

Learn to Fly Fish - New Podcast - Priority One Fishing
The two great guys from Priority One Fishing the will be joining me.

But first a little background. I’m a huge fan of learning and improving my skills. Whether that’s related to my current profession or just hobbies I have, I’m always looking for ways to improve. There are numerous ways to do this. You can watch YouTube videos, read books, read awesome blogs such as this one ;), or even one of my new favorites…listen to podcasts on a favorite topic. However, many of you will know that there are a lot of podcasts out there already that well…suck. You have to sift through a bunch of crap to find something worth your time to listen to. That leads me to this…

I’m partnering up with the great fishing team of Priority One Fishing to produce a best of its kind fishing related podcast where we’ll answer your fishing questions on the show.

While The Fly Fishing Basics is geared towards helping each of you learn how to fly fish and everything there is to know about fly fishing, this specific podcast will go in-depth into every fishing topic there is. From ice-fishing tips to fishing for sturgeon. Spring bass fishing topics to how to outfit your snowmobile to turn it into an ice fishing monster machine. Musky fishing tactics for both general fishing as well as fly fishing. You name it, as long as it’s fishing related, it can be answered.

I’ve shared that I have fly fished for over 30+ years alone. In my early years before I started fly fishing exclusively, I did my fair share of bass fishing and other forms of fishing. The team at Priority One Fishing has a combined fishing experience of over 50+ years of general as well as fly fishing experience. Add us all together and you have quite a load of fishing knowledge to share with you all.

So where do you come in? We need your help with questions you’d like to have answered. I’ve received questions in the past and I know you all have more, so if you’d like to potentially have those questions answered on our future podcast, send me a message using the form below.

We’ll sort through these questions for the upcoming show, but any and all questions are welcome and appreciated. I’m not sure of a release date yet or even a title as we’re just in the initial planning stages. We’ll eventually have a new website as well for the podcast to host the audio and all of the show notes for it. Stay tuned for all of that.

Please help us out and let us know any of those fly fishing or fishing related questions you may have. Also, be sure to check out the Priority One Fishing YouTube channel or on FaceBook.


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Clint Losee is an avid fly angler of 30+ years, web developer, and Utah Landscape & Nature Photographer. You can connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Curious about some of the gear he uses? Check out the new Amazon store.