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Video Tip: Two Fly Fishing Knots To Know To Get Started

Fly fishing knots are a common question that come up. Which knot should I use? Which knot is the best? Is this one better than that one? How do you know what one you should learn to tie and even then how do you keep track of all of the knots out there? There are a variety of knots that exist for a variety of purposes and each has their place.

I came across this video above where Dave Lovell of Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, Colorado, demonstrates two knots that he uses more than any others; the clinch knot and the double surgeon’s knot. These two knots are some of the easiest to learn and some of the easiest to use when starting out learning to the basics of fly fishing. Being able to tie them quickly, tying it with confidence, and one that will hold are key points that he makes here.

These are just two fly fishing knots to get you started and keep in your bag of tricks. I also recommend learning the Orvis Tippet Knot for leader to tippet connections and the Orvis Knot for attaching flies to your leader. I use those almost exclusively and they work great for me.

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